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Mental Healthcare Bill of Rights

As someone seeking mental health services, you have the right:


  1. To receive services that take into account the best available research evidence on what has been shown to work

  2. To consider how that evidence may or may not fit with your personal goals and values

  3. To decide whether any given mental or behavioral health service aligns with your own developmental, cultural, and community needs and strengths

  4. To understand how your progress will be measured

  5. To understand how you and your provider will know that services are working

  6. To ask for changes to the services to increase the chances that they will work for you

  7. To ask your provider about what services they’re trained to give and options that other providers may be able to offer to help you get better

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Your Bill of Rights

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About the Patient Bill of Rights

The Patient Bill of Rights was developed by many organizations to outline your rights as a consumer of mental health treatment. See the About Us page to learn more. 

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